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What is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia: fear of public places

The agora was a market and meeting place in ancient Greece. Someone with agoraphobia is afraid of being trapped in a public place or a place like a bridge or a line at the bank. The actual fear is not being able to escape if anxiety gets too high. Agoraphobia affects twice as many women as men. Avoidance of places or situations may start with avoiding planes and boats, then malls and concerts, then stores and


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driving. Untreated, agoraphobia can negatively impact an individual's functioning and relationships with others and lead to the individual becoming housebound. With treatment, nine out of every ten people who follow through are helped. Agoraphobia often develops following the onset of Panic Disorder.

Therapy/Counseling from a specially trained therapist/counselor can help. Call today.

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