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Beginning of Treatment


  • First Session - Presenting issues are discussed and appropriateness for treatment is determined.

  • Assessment - The therapist will get to know the client's history (medical, psychological, social, familial, etc.) to better understand the client as a whole.

  • Development of Treatment Plan -  This is the collaborative formation of therapeutic goals specific to each client.

Bulk of Treatment


  • Psychoeducation - provides information about disorder (root, symptoms, treatment, prognosis, etc.)

  • Psychotherapy - some or all of the below therapies may be employed in treatment

    - behavioral therapy - works to extinguish the conditioned fear response, behavioral modification

    - cognitive therapy - works to identify and correct distorted beliefs and maladaptive thinking 

    - systems therapy - understanding how one's meaningful relationships in the past and present may

      relate to one's current situation.

    - stress reduction and relaxation techniques - strategies to lessen and counteract the stress response

  • Pharamacotherapy - may recommend consideration of medication in conjuction with therapy, which would involve referral to psychiatrist

End of Treatment


  • Evaluation of Treatment - Have all goals been met? Do other issues need to be addressed?

  • Termination of Treatment - Therapy is ended; openness to future booster sessions is discussed.


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